Coconut milk powder

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Natural Coconut Powder

Coconut is the symbol of Hainan, and coconut milk has reputation of plant milk. Nicepal coconut powder is selected from Hainan Fresh coconut, made by the world most advanced spray- drying technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh coconut well.

Coconut Powder Coconut Milk Powder Energy Bar Ingredients


1.Applied in the production of ice cream, dry food mixtures, sports nutrition and drinks

2.Use in the confectionery industry for the preparation of mousses, creams and fillings

3.An alternative to cow's milk for cappuccino, latte and other coffee drinks

4 making healthy smoothies and shakes at home

5.Perfect for Pan-Asian cuisine, Tom Yam and Tom Kha sauces and soups

Coconut Powder Coconut Milk Powder Energy Bar Ingredients

The benefits of coconut milk powder and its popularity

1.One of the best substitutes for milk today.

2.High content of vitamin E can improve skin, hair and nails.

3.Rich in beneficial fatty acids, it can support the hormonal system.

4.A large number of enzymes can promote the good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

5.Rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

6.Suitable for people with an active lifestyle

Coconut Powder Coconut Milk Powder Energy Bar Ingredients