About Us

Aslbazar.com helps local manufacturers promote their business. We serve to facilitate cooperation between manufacturers, vendors and customers using the speed and power of e-commerce.

Why Us?

According to international economic statistics, Uzbek economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. This is undoubtedly result of significant growth of manufacturing in the country. This progress creates potential market for businesses. After deeply analyzing market, we decided to offer an innovative way of carrying partnership between entrepreneurs. Our main advantage is unique approach to each client. We believe that every business is unique and is not alike other one. This is why we work with clients individually. So far we had hundreds of face to face interviews with local manufactures to get to know their problems and have worked out strategies to cope with those barriers.

Our Strategies:

  • Offer extremely easy to use business platform for users;
  • Attract international importers to products listed in our website;
  • Enable entrepreneurs to concentrate only on their businesses by solving all technical challenges of e-commerce ourselves;
  • Make it possible to advertise products in several languages simultaneously.
  • Provide market analysis and latest trends for startup businesses;